KATHA Awards

As the hallmark of Philippine product design excellence and innovation, Manila FAME hosts the best of Philippine fashion and design industry who have year after year raised the bar for creative ingenuity. The KATHA Awards gives recognition to the work of these talents as they continue to innovate and redefine the Philippine design imprint.

Since its inception in 1990, The Katha Awards has been distinguished as a hallmark of Philippine product design excellence and innovation. It inspires and challenges exporters to raise their design standards for export products through constant creation of original designs, and skillful exploration of new materials or processes to produce market-responsive furniture, home décor and furnishings, holiday décor and gifts, and fashion complements.

Best Booth Display, MASAECO, Designer, Wataru Sakuma

Best Booth Display

Company: MASAECO

Best Product Design: Furniture

Product: Lilou Lounge Chair

Company: SCHEMA

Best Product Display for Furniture: SCHEMA, Lilou Lounge Chair, Designer, Celia Jiao
Best Product Design for Home Décor, INDUSTRIA, Reef Panel, Designer, Jude Tiotuico

Best Product Design: Home Décor

Product: Reef Panel


Best Product Design: Fashion

Product: Carabao Horn Glasses


Best Product Design for Fashion, Carabao Horn Glasses, ELM’S ACCESSORIA DE CASA