October Show Features

New Generation Weaves

Transitional and evolutionary. Paris-based design specialist Nelson Sepulveda invokes harmony and balance in his second phase of New Generation Weaves, a look into the beauty of natural raw materials and Philippine craftsmanship. With nature as the main theme, Sepulveda curates a selection of items meant to awaken the inborn link with nature and form a harmonious display.

Design Commune: Patterns and Palettes

Under the thematic guidance of multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed designer Tony Gonzales, Design Commune: Patterns and Palettes marry the strengths of each Manila FAME participant to present a versatile collection made to match a variety of material requirements, techniques, and price points. The setting is framed in four themes in a super store style showcase of different colors and textures: Blues and Whites, Ethnic Nomads, Green Tinted, and Natural Black and White.

Artisans Village

A staple of Manila FAME, the Artisans Village stands as an avenue for local small and medium enterprises to introduce their regional crafts to the global market while promoting their region’s trade, investment and tourism. In this edition, the program will feature contemporary furniture, home décor, and fashion pieces with hints of tradition from across Bulacan, Central Luzon, and Bohol.

Renascence of a 1000-Year-Old Tradition

For many generations, the people of Buscalan, Kalinga held onto their prized art of traditional tattooing or pagbabatok. Their tattoos were a symbol of pride earned by betrothed women and men for their valor and strength, their skins a living canvas embellished with the cultural heritage of their tribe.

Considered as a dying art in the turn of the century, the pagbabatok now rests on the shoulders of Whang-Od Oggay, the last mambabatok of Kalinga and the Philippines’ oldest tattoo artist, and her successors, Grace Palicas and Ilyang Wigan.

The unsung heroes of our generation, the mambabatoks will join the best craftsmen in the country in the 66th edition of Manila FAME to show the world the Philippine culture and its impact for generations to come.

Health and Wellness Pavilion

CITEM, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture’s Agribusiness Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS), will relaunch Health and Wellness as a sectoral category in Manila FAME featuring local companies that carry food as gifts (natural, healthy, and organic), handcrafted soaps, natural personal care, and spa products and services.

International Hall

Featuring exhibitors from neighboring Asian countries, the International Hall highlights home, fashion, gifts and decor, and lifestyle pieces from leading lifestyle manufacturers.

Bamboo Extreme

Taking after the youthful energy of today’s millennial generation, the Bamboo Extreme program pushes bamboo beyond the norm. Often seen as the main material component of furniture and home furnishings, the program seeks to provoke and renew interest in bamboo in product application, veering away from the usual, and the traditional.

The Bamboo Extreme is a disruptive, conceptual presentation of the bamboo material as it speaks of adventure, exploration, and experimentation, through the application of bamboo into product collections that capture the millennials’ way of life.

Lucent Objects

Now on its third edition, Lucent Objects explores themes of Material Spotlight, Sublime Archetype, and Topography, as it continues to features lamps and lighting pieces showcasing the application of manipulated and processed agricultural wastes.

The product collection highlights rice hull, peanut shell, corn husk, twined corn husk, water hyacinth, pandan leaves, bakong scrunch and tikog as materials, resulting from Design Center’s Materials Research and Development Program. These materials are expressed anew in product designs developed by product specialist Stanley Ruiz.

Manila WEAR

A branding initiative under FashionPHILIPPINES, Manila Wear is set to develop the country’s fashion industry to be globally competitive and position the Philippines as an advocate of ingenious designs that combine artisanal crafts with contemporary sensibilities.

Bamboo +

The Bamboo + program further explores bamboo as a material for furniture, furnishings, gifts, decor and housewares. The agency, in collaboration with 26 manufacturers nationwide, developed modern, more commercially-driven, and trend now products that evoke playfulness and personal healing in its two launching themes of Play and Modern Artisan.

GREAT Women Project 2

Natural. Textured. Vibrant. Experience the country’s rich cultural heritage as The Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of (GREAT) Women Project 2 accentuates the convergence of regional creative traditions and material kinship under the direction of globally renowned lifestyle designer PJ Arañador. With a highlight on natural fiber, the project features a variety of exquisite handcrafted products from nearly 50 women-led enterprises from across the country.

Chambers: The Cebu Project

Curated by designer Tes Pasola, Chambers : The Cebu Project will feature the convergence of Cebu’s varying lifestyle and culture which will serve as a product showcase for Cebu’s top manufacturers. The Cebu project was launched in partnership with the Cebu government and DTI-Cebu and supported by Cebu FAME, Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc., and the Cebu-GTH Foundation, Inc.


The Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters Plus initiative will feature a selection of artisanal products from 12 of its leading enrollees under the Home and Houseware sectors. The program has worked towards increasing the number of internationally-competitive local product and services exporters with the Export Marketing Bureau at the helm.