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Exhibition Date:
19-21 October 2018

Exhibition Hours:
09:00AM - 07:00PM

World Trade Center Metro Manila

Exhibition Size:
11, 300 sqm.
Ticket Prices:
Php500.00 - Regular
Php400.00 - Senior Citizen
Php250.00 - Student

The Artisans Village

The Artisans Village plays a significant role in protecting, preserving and promoting the arts and crafts of the islands. It aims to celebrate the work of local artisans and master craftsmen highly skilled in weaving, wood carving, metal forging, and other various forms of traditional crafts.

Lifestyle designer PJ Arañador teams up with product specialists Imelda Datul and Rachel Dagñalan in a creative collaboration with the local governments, DTI regional offices, and 44 SMEs from Albay, Cagayan, Davao, and Laguna.


The Artisans Village: Albay

RAINFOREST (Click to read more...)

A lush tropical foliage is unfolded in a plethora of products for well-set tables. Wearables are made from appliques and patchwork embellished with fine beadwork. Unassuming low-key materials such as handloomed raffia and abaca sinamay are given silhouttes in cut-out forms as well.

KEY COLORS: Earthy straw colors accented with bright greens and sunny colors

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Tropical leaves such as banana, monster, and philodendron

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Conservation of forests, dew-surfaced tropical leaves, tropical plants, and ever-green plants

GRAY TO GREY (Click to read more...)

We interpret the hottest trendy color gray in American marketplace or grey in the British market. Our artisans have fun to simply process new colorway of this otherwise hard-to-achieve hues. The world-famous fiber abaca retains its classical utilitarian personalities but now assumes an updated sleek color the world prefers today. Subdued lemon yellow adds pizzaz as accents.

KEY COLORS: Various shades of grays accented by yellows and naturals as well as metallics

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Subdued fine weaving textures sans bold prints

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Basic pared-down objects, grays from concrete cement interiors, and straightforward shapes and function

NUDE (Click to read more...)

The Philippines is the best source of natural products crafted from sustainable materials, most of them manufactured in the greenest of process. Containers and storage, which are cleaner, meaner and under embellished, show the intricate handwoven techniques in these highly bread-and-butter household companions such as hampers, lined baskets, and drawer-pull boxes.

KEY COLORS: All naturals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Play of light and shadow in texturing through handweaving

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Classic simplicity, heart-warming naturals , practical articles for living spaces, and no-frill houseware

AU NATUREL GOLD (Click to read more...)

The return of gold as forecasted for Spring/Summer 2017 is interpreted by our craftsmen in wearables and objects with no elaborate treatment; or dressing rather to show the exquisite present in and on the handwoven natural materials such as abaca and raffia. Gold melds well with earthy shades of light neutrals giving them a richer and updated look.

KEY COLORS: All naturals blended with all kinds of gold and metallic materials

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Subdued pattern on patter, some does not mean anything

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Iridescence on natural materials, holiday season look, rich yet unassuming

FESTIVE (Click to read more...)

The festive colors and spirit of Easter create a fun story of crafts in a collection of adorable and charming bunnies with characters -- be it a grandma or grandpa bunny, a teacher, gardener, farmer, lumberjack, and even a baby bunny. It is a community of playful bunnies! They are candy baskets and gathering containers as well as caddies made from hand-formed abaca yarn and dressed up with aprons or skirts.

KEY COLORS: Festive mid-tone colors of pastels with straw color shade of naturals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Traditional and farm-inspired

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Holiday décor collectibles, charming, Grandmother’s craft

CORAL REEF (Click to read more...)

The colors of lively corals are captured in this collection of utilitarian crafts made out of hands. Hues of sun-bleached salmon and sand colors, almost transparent chlorophyll green. and sparkling seawater blue make up a soft-color nature theme. Handwoven abaca fiber are twined, twisted, inter-locked, braided, and macramed to create textures inspired by en fiber.

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Soft, murmuring, peaceful, and nature-laden

SUMMER PAPAYA (Click to read more...)

The papaya colors for Spring Summer 2016/17 are cast in mulled orange in this collection, making a fresh exotic shade for textures and skins on handwoven abaca fiber. Rich, fruity, and exotic mid-shade oranges make for summer’s stunning accents in houseware and wearables.

KEY COLORS: Oranges, tangerines, and papaya shades accented with tropical brights and subdued neutrals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Fine texture of repetitive woven fiber

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Warm summer hues -- perky, alive, jolly, and adventurous


The Artisans Village: Cagayan

TROPICANA (Click to read more...)

Fossilized leaves crafted into hand-formed flowers, decorative objects and lighting accessories are inspired by the trends in mid-tone candy colors which are ethereal, light, and soft.

KEY COLORS: Salmon pink, pale saffron, pure white, coral orange, and warm red

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Fine play of light and shadow, tropical flowers, and leaves

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Romantic, ethereal, light-weight, feathery, and delicate

COASTAL LIVING (Click to read more...)

The collection interprets the omnipresent natural elements as it reappears in the Spring-Summer 2016/17 trends: Elements of iconic products for abodes by the sea – hand-carved, faceted shorebirds and fishes in sea-weathered finishes, blue and white stripes side by side with blue and gray hand-loomed home linen.

KEY COLORS: Antique white, verdigris, bronze, blue and white, gray, and white

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Marine icons, stripes, rough facets, and weaving

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Nautical, escape, relaxed, unassuming, and cool

NATURA (Click to read more...)

The Spring-Summer 2016/17 trends for crafts, which are raw in finish and look, are interpreted in this collection. The technique in soliya, a Filipino traditional hexagonal pattern weaving in cane or rattan strips, is used in another level as wrappings to reclaimed bottles, stones, and twigs. Wicker and basket weaves come in utilitarian forms untouched by ‘under processing’ them.

KEY COLORS: Raw colors, natural, bare, and nude

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Weaving textures, open weave mixed with close weave

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Naive, rural, rustic, invented, old things are new again

SAVANNAH (Click to read more...)

This collection for home accessories and nomadic furniture showcases the Filipino skill in wood lamination, featuring elements of wood in appreciation of its soul coming from its range of grains and natural colors. The Spring-Summer 2016/17 trends for crafts using the rawness of material is its prime design attraction.

KEY COLORS: Raw colors, natural, bare, and nude

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Weaving textures, open weave mixed with close weave

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Naive, rural, rustic, invented, old things are new again

RECLAIM RENAME (Click to read more...)

The marriage of reclaimed wood and plantation wood is melded together to interpret the Spring-Summer 2016 /17 directions for sustainable materials by re-purposing them into new functions. Precious wood is detailed with high-value design such as cutouts, giving them an affluent look.

KEY COLORS: Raw colors, earthy light to dark neutrals, and bare to nude skins

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Rough to fine, cut to uncut, and finished-unfinished

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Old things are new again, rescue, preservation, and re-engineering

RE-PURPOSE (Click to read more...)

New design approaches use unconventional ways of finishes for Spring-Summer 2016/17. The collection cleverly assembles “throwaways” with industrial materials like iron to compose a new product. The charred finish, along with patina of metallic finishes, gives these objects new dimension in contemporary living spaces. Newly hand-carved animal shapes are charred finish to appear as a modern interpretation in the latest surface treatments.

KEY COLORS: Dark raw colors, nature in its purest hues, and muddy to metallic patina

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Organic, nature forms, flora, fauna, rough and pronounced

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Upcycling, found objects, rustic, dramatic, down to earth

GRIS (Click to read more...)

Interpreting the next big thing to happen for Spring-Summer 2016/17, Gray or Gris in Spanish comes in full circle in this collection. Beautiful shades of gray translate the play of light and shadow from a range of crafts. Techniques in woodcraft, hand-weaving, and finishes draw attention to simulations of stone, charcoal, aluminum, and pewter colors.

KEY COLORS: Shades of gray, stone gray, charcoal gray, and metallic gray

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Playful nature, architectural punctures, and iconic shapes

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Industrial crafts, neutral, manly, and assured

PAMPAS (Click to read more...)

Easy tropical wraps, shawls, coats, caftans, cloaks or jackets are deconstructed for a hip fashion look for Spring-Summer 2016/17. Handloom fabric is made to evolve from home linen to wearables.

KEY COLORS: Yellow, fuchsia, black, red, black, and white

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Handwoven “eyes,” ethnic patterns, and opticals

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Contemporary ethnic, easy wear and coordinates, playful, and having multiple paths


The Artisans Village: Davao

VINTA (Click to read more...)

Inspired by the colorful sails of Southern Philippines’ traditional boat vinta, these lovely vegetable hues serve as base colors of ethnic prints interpreted in hand-loomed fabrics, braided water hyacinth, abaca dagmay, and burlap.

KEY COLORS: Papaya orange, tropical colors of fuschia , reds, and greens

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Ethnic prints, texture-on-texture, and chevron

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Simplified ethnic, pared-down look, easy, and tropical

CHIAROSCURO (Click to read more...)

The interplay of light and shadow and black and white textures are carried out in themes inspired by natural and man-made shapes. Fashion and home accessories, made from organic and synthetic materials, reflect the Filipino weavers’ skills and eye for detail.

KEY COLORS: Black and white, and accents of warm colors

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Geometrics, ethno-cultural patterns, and organic melding with inorganic

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Ethnicity made modern, optical, black and white drama, and repetitive patterns

PATAKA (Click to read more...)

Pataka is a Filipino word which means “randomness” -- in this context, anything mixed together such as these lovely colors of materials put together to create a festive look. Water hyacinth, repurposed straws, and cotton fabric are transformed into tabletop objects and fashion items, using discarded and by-products materials put into use by re-purposing them.

KEY COLORS: Mixed colors

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Colorful “salt and pepper”effects, lines, and geometrics

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Folk art, fiesta colors, festive patterns, reclaimed materials, texture-on-texture with color-on-color


The Artisans Village: Laguna

RESTORATION (Click to read more...)

The Spring-Summer 2016/17 eco-craft trends toward restoration of artisanal techniques have included repurposed materials including waste materials such as tetra packs fashioned as utilitarian products. Color selection is based on randomness which creates static patterns. The explosions of colors with bursts of metallic are transformed into tabletops, houseware, and furniture pieces including their miniatures.

KEY COLORS: Random colors with metallic and naturals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Static patterns

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Restive, repurposed, and restored

VINTA (Click to read more...)

Inspired by the colorful sails of Southern Philippines’ traditional boat vinta, these lovely vegetable hues serve as base colors of ethnic prints interpreted in hand-loomed fabrics, braided water hyacinth, abaca dagmay, and burlap.

KEY COLORS: Papaya orange, tropical colors of fuschia , reds, and greens

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Ethnic prints, texture-on-texture, and chevron

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Simplified ethnic, pared-down look, easy, and tropical

PRIMITIF (Click to read more...)

Craft tendencies for Spring-Summer 2016/17 lean towards what is primitive twisted with modernity. Made from water hyacinth (water lilies), which are considered nuisance in rivers, the fibers are handwoven and hand formed to craft statement lamps and objects for home.

KEY COLORS: Naturals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Massive or fine handwoven textures, strips, and spokes

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Modern primitive, rural origin, and stylized rustic

RETRO PRINTS (Click to read more...)

Inspired by the 1960s wall paper in graphically engineered patterns including repetitive round shapes that create color blocking reminiscent of the recent past, these placemats, area rugs, runners, and art wall are made from individually braided water hyacinth stalks and are hand-dyed and laminated on a substrate.

KEY COLORS: Sunny yellows, royal blue, hot pinks, and naturals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Rounds along with geometric shapes

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Retro, visual, and reinventions

TOP STITCH (Click to read more...)

Water hyacinth leather interprets the trends on artisanal needlecrafts. The embellishments include top stitching, embroidery, faceting, and edging stitches.

KEY COLORS: Dark neutrals in contrast with white neutrals

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Top stiches, random stitches, embroidered geometrics, and nature forms

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Grandmother’s crafts, charming, bigger-than-life embellishments

RAW (Click to read more...)

Forecasts for less finishes on materials with less processing show the honest materials of wood, jute, burlap, abaca and canvas cotton in these clogs and wedges which are faceted and topstitched with unsanded raw wood soles. Metallic skin adds modernity to this shoe collection.

KEY COLORS: Ecru, brown, white, metallics

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Facets, patchwork, and pleat work

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Raw, unfinished, charming, and imperfect

CUCHO (Click to read more...)

Translating the Spring-Summer 2016/17 forecasts for the shimmering, the artisanal character is made modern with stark metallic skin in contrast to the exquisite textures of spangles, glass, and tube beads. Iridescence is achieved through Filipino traditional three-dimesional beadwork called cucho.

KEY COLORS: Fuchsia, white, pearl, and silver

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Repetitive, floral, and random

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Texture-on-texture, elegant, and reflecting

ZAPATOS (Click to read more...)

Stripes for summer as a pattern is always updated -- this time as a beadwork or patchwork of fabrics. The nude color soles are braided to create a seamless surface from the sides up to the steps of the shoes. Crafty footwear is a Spring-Summer 2016/17 must-have.

KEY COLORS: Naturals, straw colors, black and white

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Summer stripes, seamless texture-on-texture

KEY INSPIRATIONS: High contrasts, comfort, and summer naturals

ECO SKIN (Click to read more...)

Well-loved leather is transformed into unconventional products for the next generation. Green products such as bamboo bikes trimmed with leather, along with head gear and biker’s bags, represent a wide range of other sporty products including articles for a gentleman’s room and personal requisites. The purity of animal skin is the tactile design element in focus.

KEY COLORS: Natural-leather earth colors, tan, mocca, bordeaux, and bitter chocolate

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Top stitches, patchwork, quilt, and random stitches

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Sportive, masculine, tough, enduring, and environment-friendly

CHARRED (Click to read more...)

The latest finishing techniques using charcoal method applied on home objects deviate from the usual. Wood with grain imperfections are concealed with this otherwise exciting look. The surface is laminated with topcoat. Sculptural to small items look mystical.

KEY COLORS: Black, metallic accents

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Veinations, cracks, and openings

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Refuse reuse, zero wastes, and new approach

MINIS (Click to read more...)

Miniatures of classical furniture such as adirondack, peacock, shaker, and Filipino Spanish colonial pieces are finished with distress, patina, and hand rubbed techniques the Filipino artisans are known for.

KEY COLORS: Antique white, antique black, verdigris, crackled

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Antique, tactile surfaces, and velvety

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Old world, charming, and playful

PARED (Click to read more...)

Pared down to their basic forms in shapes and finishes, the Artisans Village craftsmen recreate small collectibles of bowls and receptacles from sustainable green wood. Finished in a range of distressed surfaces some touched with gold, replica of old favorite shapes are scaled down as souvenir items. Upcycled pedestals create various heights.

KEY COLORS: Antique white, antique black, verdigris, crackled

KEY TEXTURES & PRINTS: Antique, tactile surfaces, and velvety

KEY INSPIRATIONS: Old world, charming, and playful