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FAME's Top 5 Fashion Trends

Color, natural materials, embroidery, and other fun details that were all seen at the 70th Edition


Northern Exposure

The sustainable handicrafts of Region 2 provinces combine organic beauty and whimsy


A Beautiful Ride

A sustainability designer and entrepreneur is bringing the Philippine bamboo on a purposeful journey


Magic Carpet Ride

In Bicol, local craftsmen keep the weaving tradition alive by creating abaca rugs and carpets by hand


From Pineapple to Paper

This Mindanao-based producer wins a prestigious design award for its eco-friendly paper made out of recycled pineapple leaves

Social Design

Trash into Treasure

A designer shares the journey of a plastic bag, from waste pile to furniture fair


Wall-to-Wall Filipino Style

A maker of paper products does a nostalgic and historic take on classic wallcoverings


The Dramatic Evolution of the Prizmic & Brill Booths

Prizmic & Brill’s striking booth designs are enough to invoke wanderlust in everyone


Bauhaus-inspired Objects

Many Manila FAME products drew inspo from this 100-year-old design movement


Weaving of Past and Future

Vince Uy’s forest of fabric serves as an interactive backdrop for reimagined Filipino pieces

Maison & Objet x Philippines

Kindred: A Design Collective

The Philippine participants in the Paris show come home to Manila FAME

Second Generation Stories

A Family Affair

For this furniture manufacturing company, the secret to success is family

Design Commune 2019

Going Back to our Roots

A peek at how the designers explored the archives and reworked old ideas into new


Manila FAME in the 1980s

We look back on the design show’s early breakthrough years

Trend Report


This traditional Filipino weave gets reinterpreted into modern pieces

Adante Leyesa

Artisanal Advantage

Supporters of the Adante Leyesa brand perceive fashion more than a parade of opulence but an extension of human experience

Agsam Fashion Fern Accessories

A National Treasure

Albero's brand showcases thoughtful reimagination of a popular trend, tweaked and down-scaled for kids with grown-up tastes.


All In The Family

Albero's brand showcases thoughtful reimagination of a popular trend, tweaked and down-scaled for kids with grown-up tastes.


Royal Following

Every show-stopping Aranáz bag is a celebration of leisure, bold fashion statements, and discerning taste of modern Filipina


Threading Brand Identity

Beatriz’s signature aesthetic is a distillation of the tropical spirit, evoked with a palette of exuberant colors and strong patterns.

Betis Crafts

Hand-carving at its best

Inspire long and meaningful conversations with hand-carved Betis furniture

Ann Pamintuan

Proud Moment for Bataan’s Capiz-makers

Capiz is derived from local mollusks and takes center stage in Ann’s presentation for Manila FAME’s 68th edition

Arden Classic

Shell, Metal and Fantastical Imaginations

Arden Siarot's distinctive design ethos continue to draw collectors from all over the world

Arnel Papa

Think Big

“Big and chunky” was how Arnel described his eponymous brand’s exuberant style.


A Tradition In Carving

Sustainable wood, such as mango and acacia, is used for Chanalli’s antique reproductions.

CDO Handmade Paper Crafts

Sustainable Slant

Cagayan de Oro Handmade Paper advocates 100% tree-less paper-furniture production

CSM Philippines

Porcelain Tradition

A leading fine bone china manufacturer shows inventive ways of using their products to create wall art.


Stubborn head, Steadfast heart

Not even a conflagration that razed Contemporaneo's factory can stop the brand from transforming materials into pieces of irrepressible beauty

Design Commune

To come to fruition

Collaborative projects spanning the fashion, home decor and furnishings, as well as lighting sectors.

Department 24

Modernity + Tradition

Traditional décor items receive a playful spin with Department 24

Hacienda Crafts

Craft Makes a Comeback

Hacienda Crafts create rustic charm with Negros Island artistry and indigenous materials

Lija by That One Piece

Contemporary Rustic

Lija by That One Piece is sprightly and always on their toes for the latest trends

JB Woodcraft Inc.

Preserving A Romantic Legacy

JB Woodcraft pioneered in the export of hand-carved components and furniture which were made out of the Bituin family's hometown of Betis in Pampanga.

Maco Custodio

Shoe-cial Enterprise

Community artisans from Baseco, Rizal, and Marikina come together for the latest Maco Custodio shoe, "Lalapatos"

More Than a Chair

Bridging Traditional Modes with Modern Aesthetics

More Than a Chair is more than excited to brave new waters in the furniture design and manufacturing industry


Expressing Individuality Through Jewelry

Design must be worn in order for it to be understood

Junk Not Handicrafts

Creating Impact Through Social Design

Anak ng Tupa, the award-winning chair was born out of Willie’s desire to create designs with deeper meanings.

MCCA Industrial Corporation

The Language of Metal

MCCA’s design vocabulary has been enriched with collaborative endeavors.

Nature's Legacy

A Maverick Inventor

Nature's Legacy delivers on a promise of ethical living with every item they produce

Obra Cebuana

A Modern Imagination of Classic Rattan

Obra Cebuana’s strength as a renowned resource for mainly rattan-based products with a contemporary identity.

Prizmic & Brill Valises

A Distinctive Style Shaped by Nostalgia For Adventures and Histories

A contemporary brand with an old soul steeped in a nostalgia for the past

Philippine Treasures

A Natural Flair

A leading exporter of seasonal decor and accent pieces made from both natural and synthetic materials.

Native Crafts and Arts

Bamboo Brut

Native Crafts and Arts' passion for handicraft production and exportation is always aroused and enlivened

Red Slab Pottery

The Clay Beneath His Feet

There’s more to Victoria than just pottery. “It’s a brick-making town too,” Eric said.

S.C. Vizcarra

The Future of Weaving

The artisanal tradition of S.C. Vizcarra is preserved and will live well into the future

Shelmed Cottage Treasures

Abaca, The Strongest Natural Fiber

Shelmed Cottage Industries has been using abaca fibers as its main raw material.


A Fresh Take on Traditional Methods and Materials

Collections of handmade paper that feature fresh colors and patterns


The Soul of Things Handmade

The Schema expertise: fine-metal wires diffusing playful and artistic light-and-shadow projections

South Sea Veneer

Masters of Marquetry

South Sea Veneer exploits its expertise in the meticulous craft of marquetry to gain a competitive edge.

Triboa Bay Living

Blending Tradition And Modernity

Triboa's refined hardwood is the texture of a satisfied life

Venzon Lighting

A Bright Future

Venzon Lighting’s 'sensible engineering' highlights practical product application and emerging design trends

Vito Selma

A Natural Inclination

Shapes and textures inspired by the earth, sea, and sky drive Vito Selma forward

Signature by Chall

Romantic grandeur in every glance

Make every home visit an exquisite pleasure to remember with Signature by Chall pieces

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