A stubborn head, a steadfast heart

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A stubborn head, a steadfast heart

That might yet be the best way to describe Contemporaneo Inc.’s designer and founder, Mr. Arnulfo Milambiling, formerly a marine engineer earlier in his life.

It could be said that he has come full circle with the company’s most recent collection, for there is a truly palpable parallel between the company’s quarter century journey and the pieces they offer.

The collection features materials sourced from boats and galleons that have been submerged in mud and water for hundreds of years. This thoughtfully designed collection features furniture and home accessories that manifest a deep respect for the distinct characteristics of the incredibly resilient wood.

The design and creation process was a well-studied response to the material’s unique nature, necessitating its own, patented finishing system to preserve the integrity while preventing the untimely deterioration of antique furniture.

Now a specialist in made-to-order furniture, Contemporaneo Inc. has had more than its fair share of man and nature-inflicted challenges. For in the span of twenty-five years, the company has witnessed and withstood the devastating volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the highly erratic export market forces, and even a conflagration that razed the entire factory to the ground.

Through it all, Contemporaneo Inc. remained graciously unyielding and relentless, constantly improving on its design offering and expanding its portfolio. The newest additions utilize discards and centuries-old materials that have been subjected to the harshest conditions.

One cannot help but marvel at how these materials are deftly transformed into individually-unique expressions of irrepressible beauty, each one holding a story waiting to be told.

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