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Established in 1998, MORE THAN A CHAIR, INC. is a home furnishings company from the Philippines.

Their philosophy is to create pieces that inspire and make people happy. That takes into account the quality of their work, the best customer service they can deliver, and the accessible value of what they produce.

Each piece is designed with contemporary imagination and generation old craftsmanship and traditions. Each piece is also hand-finished with an eye and touch for details. Designs range from metallic leaf pieces with elaborate carvings that create a depth and luminescence to the surfaces of each piece and are adored by clients in the Middle East; to minimalist streamlined shapes that are attuned to the aesthetics of clients from Europe, USA, and South America.

They also cater to the local market: They are always excited to work with local designers on private residential homes, and with contractors to produce furniture for hotels set to open its doors soon. They welcome everyone to their furniture showrooms, especially those who are looking for interesting pieces to add to their homes. They truly love seeing people enjoy the work they do.

More Than a Chair as a brand welcomes challenges that keep them on their toes: those that inspire them to push themselves. This has led them into meeting new friends and partners, and experiencing new possibilities that would not have been imaginable had they not gone out of their comfort zone.

Sitio Libutao, Brgy. Sta. Maria,
Mabalacat, Pampanga, PHILIPPINES


Allan C. Bituin
Chief Executive Officer

63 045 8931915 | 630458930290