We're the New Romantics

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The merging of functionality, social history, and art has long been the design approach of PRIZMIC & BRILL. The products they create speak of the Filipino’s rich cultural tradition and echo a romantic traveler’s sensibility.

Under the name Design Etnika in the early ‘80s, the brand’s focus was on the use of the country’s indigenous tribal handwoven fabrics before being known as PRIZMIC & BRILL. The company then started reproducing home pieces inspired by classical travel concepts.

Inspired by a vintage suitcase he has seen from New York, Matthew Brill, one of the creative visionaries behind PRIZMIC & BRILL, worked with a Filipino leather craftsman to create a prototype of home furnishings with applications of luggage-inspired design from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The brand’s signature style of combining hand-woven natural fibers, recycled hardwood, hand-forged brass, and embossed leather hides results in the production of eclectic designs, a product of meticulous craftsmanship. Combining a variety of materials and making use of traditional skills and methods rooted on social history sets PRIZMIC & BRILL apart from other home design companies and makes the brand difficult to imitate.

“The key to our brand’s success is in sticking to our traditional skill sets and methods for product development while using the sustainable materials that we have mastered, all available within the walls of our production area” says Brill.

Manned by 180 skilled craftsmen, PRIZMIC & BRILL’s workshop is based in San Fernando, Pampanga. The company manufactures furniture, travel, desk, and home accessories.

Purok IV Brgy. Del Rosario,
San Fernando, Pampanga, PHILIPPINES


Matthew Brill

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