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Davao-based Tagum Agricultural Development Co. (TADECO), one of the biggest banana exporters in Asia, ventured into the handicraft industry through TADECO Home where seasoned artists of Mindanao converts all-natural fibers, t’nalak fabric, and traditional weaving to create contemporary home accents and lighting pieces.

Since 1988, TADECO Home, as an off-shoot of the bigger TADECO organization, has provided support for the ten thousand workers on their payroll. Starting out as a livelihood project aimed to migrate the wives of TADECO farmers from metalworking, the company is now an internationally-recognized, self-sustaining houseware and home décor manufacturer.

The fiber is indigenously processed in natural chemicals before it is intricately handwoven through traditional techniques passed on from many T’boli generations. The abaca fiber, when handwoven into rolls and rolls of cloth, makes up the fine t’nalak fabric that TADECO Home uses to create their contemporary home accents and lighting pieces.

It is this established symbiotic interdependence among weavers and artisans that makes TADECO Home a people-oriented organization; for TADECO, great feats can only be achieved when people work closely and harmoniously together.

In the same vein, familial relationships are likewise treasured in TADECO Home. This is why the craftsmen, artisans, and the T’boli tribe painstakingly ensures that each piece from their collection inspires a warm and happy home.

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