Young but not late into the game

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LIJA (lē-hä) to sand, to refine.

Lija by That One Piece is a contemporary lighting and furniture brand that highlights the creative use of natural materials refined to produced modern, distinctive, and stellar designs.

The company creates unique and well-crafted handmade pieces that complement the contemporary lifestyle of every modern-day client. Together with their collective of artisans, designers, and materials experts, Lija eagerly explores the capabilities and expressions of natural materials.

Their humble company has evolved over the years, proudly earning awards along the way. Among these are: the prestigious G-Mark of the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO); and the Katha Awards at Manila FAME—a hallmark of design excellence and innovation in Philippine products.

162 Barangay Lico,
San Rafael, Bulacan, PHILIPPINES


Luis De Jesus

63 02 3735758