Still committed, eight decades later

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S.C. Vizcarra started as a service provider of fine piña embroidery in 1925. Eight decades later, the company expanded its offerings and has since evolved into a large-scale manufacturer and exporter of impeccable wicker home accessories hand-woven by seasoned artisans. Ushering S.C. Vizcarra into the urban present is Creative Director Rita Nazareno, the third generation descendant of the founder. Coming from outside the industrial and manufacturing design industry did not hamper Rita’s creativity. On the contrary, she continually sees it as a challenge and an advantage, helping her to come up with novel ideas and cutting-edge creations.

With a modern and unembellished appeal, Rita launched “ZACARIAS by S.C. Vizcarra”—so named after her grandfather, a classical sculptor who trained under national artist Guillermo Tolentino.

The collection greatly mirrors Rita’s appreciation for the simple, unadorned style: “quiet objects,” as she describes them—and her passion for sculpture, contemporary art, and architecture.

Following the success of “Zacarias”, her creative mind drove home S.C. Vizcarra’s most recent homeware collection, “Monolith,” which like all of S.C. Vizcarra’s crafts, the Monolith collection boasts of being painstakingly crafted by the masterful hands of long-time artisans, whose skill and workmanship have been passed on from their ancestors.

And like all members of the Vizcarra family, Rita has one mission in mind: ensuring that the artisanal tradition of the company will live well into the future. The best part of her work, Rita says, is the process of conceptualization where ideas and inspiration pops out at her at the most unexpected times. For Rita, nothing makes her more at peace than by being touched by a design idea and bringing it to life after her extensive study and research.

“The people behind S.C. Vizcarra consistently work very closely and diligently with one another,” Rita shares. “The designers and craftsmen are tirelessly broadening their skills, techniques, and ideas for woven products. When they face inevitable creative and production challenges, they always seem to find their way around them,” Rita narrates in wide-eyed appreciation of her team as each of them takes pleasure in artistic problem-solving.

With this certain kind of dedication, S.C. Vizcarra continues to nourish and protect the exquisite craftsmanship and the staunch attention to quality the company was built on.

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