Want to be part of the biggest design and lifestyle event in the Philippines?

Take note of the following steps and rules on how to become a Manila FAME exhibitor:


    1. Philippine companies registered as manufacturing, exporting or trading firms with no valid and pending complaints/cases filed with the DTI and Philippine courts.
    2. Philippine companies carrying 100% Philippine made home, holiday, and fashion products.
    3. Companies offering allied services.
    1. REGULAR: Companies that have joined at least one Manila FAME edition for the past 3 years.
      1. Must have no pending valid business or administrative complaint/s filed by third parties, CITEM or any DTI agency.
      2. Must have not violated any rules of the show according to the Manila FAME Table of Violations and Sanctions.
      3. Must have no outstanding balance and is able is able to submit complete reports and/or required forms in connection with previous participation in CITEM-organized local and international shows.
      4. Must have an active email address and active website/ social media account.
      5. Must present proof of new product(s) developed by filling up the Product Profile Sheet.
    2. NEW: Companies that have not joined any Manila FAME edition; Companies which did not join at least one edition for the past 3 years; and old/ regular exhibitors carrying a new company name.
      1. Must be duly registered as a manufacturing or trading firm in the Philippines and must have passed the factory visit.
      2. Must be endorsed by an appropriate Business Support Organization accredited with CITEM. (Please refer to list of CITEM Accredited Business Support Organizations).
      3. Must have no pending valid business or administrative complaint/s filed by third parties, CITEM or any DTI agency.
      4. Must have an active email address and an active website/ social media account.
      5. Must have attended Export-related Training/ Seminar.
      6. Must present proof of products to be promoted.
    3. TRADE SERVICE: Companies that offer allied services and sponsors/ partners based on agreement with CITEM.
      1. Must be duly registered as a service provider offering services related to export promotion and marketing; entrepreneurship; design and product development services; forwarding; supply chain; etc.
      2. Must have no pending valid business or administrative complaint/s filed by third parties, CITEM or any DTI agency.
      3. Must have an active email address and active website/ social media account.
  3. . APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS (Please see Checklist of Application Requirements.)
    1. Only duly submitted Application Forms with the required documents, will be accepted and processed by the Manila FAME Secretariat.
    2. “Sister companies” or companies applying under a group / organization / association should file individual application forms and shall be processed individually.
    3. An application may still be accepted after the prescribed deadline, but will be processed subject to space availability.
    4. A Notice of Acceptance Letter and a Contract for Participation shall be sent to qualified applicants together with the invoice.
    5. The copy of the layout and corresponding booth allocation will be sent only upon submission of signed contract and payment of the reservation fee. The Contract shall be binding after it has been signed and submitted to Manila FAME Secretariat together with the reservation fee.
    6. Complaint/s against an applicant found valid after due process shall be a valid ground for cancellation of the approval and forfeiture of payments in favor of CITEM.
    1. The Participation fee includes the following entitlements:
      1. Raw space;
      2. Raw space with booth system (if booth system option is applied for);
      3. ID badges (number of IDs depends on booth size);
      4. Complimentary Pass; e. Complimentary Manila FAME Bag;
      5. Trade Board signage (upon request);
      6. Access to Export Coaching Seminar (unless specified if with a fee);
      7. Access to Exhibitor Lounge;
      8. Listing in the Exhibitor Directory and Show Guide;
      9. Product Development (subject to screening guidelines and payment of fees, when required).
    2. Participation fee does not entitle an exhibitor to the following:
      1. Cost of booth construction;
      2. Cost of booth electricity;
      3. Cost of electrical consumption;
      4. Cost of booth security during the fair proper;
      5. Stand cleaning;
      6. Handling of exhibit items from the point of origin to the exhibitor’s booth before and after the fair;
      7. Facilities for storage of empty packing materials or additional exhibit items which are not allowed entry during the fair proper.
    1. Pay via Direct payment to CITEM’s cashier in cash or Manager’s Check (payable to CITEM).
      1. CITEM shall issue an invoice for the company’s participation fee balance after application has been approved and will be sent through email by their respective Sectoral Coordinator.
      2. The applicant shall present the Invoice to the CITEM cashier upon payment for issuance of an Official Receipt.
      3. Company check may be accepted at least 30 days before the fair, and is subject to the following guidelines:
        1. Company has no record of bouncing check with CITEM.
        2. If check is dishonored, it has to be replaced within five days either by cash or Manager’s Check.
        3. If check is not replaced, CITEM shall initiate applicable sanction/s against the participant, pursuant to the rules and regulations of joining a DTI/CITEM-organized activity.
        4. Company Check payments may be made through the CITEM Cashier only since payment through PNB/DBP online branches strictly accepts cash or Manager’s Check only.
    2. Or pay via Direct deposit in CITEM’s Account No. 400-562400-429 in any Philippine National Bank (PNB) Branch.
      1. Present to the bank teller the Payment Instruction portion of the Invoice sent by CITEM.
      2. Indicate the COMPANY NAME and COMPANY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (C.I.N.) in the PNB Bills Payment Slip.
      3. Immediately after payment, fax/email a copy of the bank validated Bills Payment Slip to CITEM to facilitate issuance of the Official Receipt and reconciliation of the daily collection report.
    3. Remittance of payment will be based on the date and time of remittance to the bank, as evidenced by a proof of payment to be submitted by applicants to CITEM. This shall be the basis for qualification to discounts, if any.
    4. Surcharges may be levied and discounts recalculated (if any) for late payments, based on the specified rates and deadlines.
    5. Surcharge will be imposed to companies who will change booth size one month prior the show.
    6. No refund of participation fee shall be granted to the exhibitor in cases of withdrawal/cancellation after the set deadlines, no-show or postponement of the show due to force majeure, such as war, imposition of special government measures, strike/lock-out, fire or some other incidents beyond the control of CITEM.
    7. A “NO FULL PAYMENT, NO INGRESS POLICY” shall be implemented during ingress/move in. Participant with pending accounts with CITEM shall not be allowed to ingress/move in unless said accounts are settled.

Please see Fees and Payment Instructions for further information.

    1. The Venue shall be styled and curated by CITEM. Companies using the standardized booth systems, and those open to retail selling, shall be placed side-by-side at a determined area for a cleaner and more organized look.

      9sqm – No Raw Space allowed. The use of the booth system will be required.

      18sqm and above – Raw Space will be allowed but CITEM’s approval of booth design shall be required.

    2. CITEM reserves the right to determine the allocation, size, and assignment of spaces taking into consideration the following, but not limited to, the thematic presentation, curatorial considerations, product presentation, and any other reason deemed important by CITEM to the overall image of the show.
    3. “Sister companies” under the same or similar product categories shall be given separate booths subject to space availability. Otherwise, they should share a booth.
    1. Corner booths/island booths should be kept open to main aisles. Absolutely no walls should be installed.
    2. Those needing booth design consultation may ask for a meeting with the CITEM Exhibition and Design Division, subject to availability of schedule.
    3. Exhibitors are obliged to seek CITEM’s approval for their booth design at least one month before the first day of ingress.
    4. If the company needs perimeter walls, a maximum of 1/3 of each open side can be used for wall or wall display.
    1. For exhibitors paying the local rate, only 100% Philippine produced and manufactured products are allowed to be exhibited and displayed in the booth.
    2. An exhibitor must comply with the product categorization assigned by CITEM based on the evaluation made from the submitted Application Form. The 80/20 product display agreement means that at least 80% of a company’s actual display during the show must conform to its assigned category. At most, only 20% of the total display can carry other product lines.
    3. One-third (1/3) of the total product display shall be from the company’s NEWEST COLLECTION. The company shall be required to submit proof of new products being developed.
    4. CITEM reserves the right to exclude, at any time, exhibit items that do not conform to the product coverage. Failure of the exhibitor to conform to its assigned product category shall be considered a violation with corresponding sanctions as indicated in the Table of Violations and Sanctions of the Exhibitor’s Manual.
    5. Products displayed in the booth should be labelled in the name of the exhibitor.
    6. Products to be displayed or its design should not be a subject of infringement, trademark, or patent complaint as defined under RA 8293, aka Intellectual Property Law.
    1. Sub-leasing of booth is defined as the assignment of the whole booth, or a portion thereof, by an approved exhibitor to another company whose application has been disapproved or who has not undergone the application and screening procedures.
    2. Sub-leasing of booth to a subcontractor, supplier, designer, prototype maker, etc. is strictly prohibited. Additionally, accommodating/displaying the products of subcontractor, supplier, designer, prototype maker, etc. is strictly prohibited as well. The contract to participate in Manila FAME is strictly between CITEM and the approved exhibitor only.
    3. Product specialists/designers with individual booths or special display areas who have designed for non-participants should in no way carry the items produced by the latter, unless these products are carried under the brand of the product designer/approved exhibitor.
    4. An exhibitor found not to comply with the rule on sub-leasing shall be sanctioned based on the Table of Violations and Sanctions.
    1. Interested applicant for block participation must write a letter of intent to CITEM, initially indicating the list of companies joining said group participation. Eventually, individual application forms of the companies joining said block participation will be required. Each company will go through the application process.
    2. Block participation of Business Support Organizations (BSOs), Trade Associations (TAs), or Local Government Units (LGUs) or other pavilions featuring developmental companies with similar product categories shall be allowed subject to application guidelines and stand exhibition rules and regulations.
    3. To maintain the zoning of product categories, block participation, especially for BSOs, TAs, LGUs with multiple product categories, will be subject to evaluation by CITEM. Members may be located in product category areas where they are appropriately classified. Decals of the group’s name and logo can be posted on the walls of their member’s booths for identification purposes, subject to design rules of CITEM.
    1. Once an applicant has been accepted as an exhibitor, withdrawal from participation shall be allowed within acceptable dates.
    2. Refund of participation fees shall not be allowed beyond the set deadline for withdrawal. Applicable fees for late withdrawal shall be charged accordingly.
    3. Withdrawal without notice and/or with notice two weeks prior the ingress dates is considered a NO SHOW, with corresponding sanction as indicated in the Table of Violations and Sanctions of the Exhibitor’s Manual.
    1. Any exhibitor that takes part in the Manila FAME must abide by the legislation laws of the Philippines or any of its political sub-divisions.
    2. The exhibitor, shall, likewise be solely responsible for observing and complying with the said laws for obtaining consent, approvals, authorities, licenses and the like, as may be required in relation to its participation in the Manila FAME.

    Additional rules and regulations to be issued by CITEM through its Manila FAME Circulars shall legally form part of this set of application and acceptance procedures.


    CITEM may amend these regulations and their terms owing to unavoidable circumstances. Exhibitors must agree to such amendments and commit to observe them. Exhibitors will be furnished copies of any notice of amendments.