Design for Exports Scenography

Design Philippines at work.
A presentation of exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and innovation from the Philippines' leading creative entrepreneurs under the mentorship of Budji Layug.

Red Box

Fresh. Modern. Current.
Designers on the Rise in a development program aimed at harnessing talent and creating cutting-edge products for the world.


Chic. Stylish. Relevant.
A chic platform of fashion objects from the Philippine fashion industry’s brightest talents, marrying artisanal crafts and contemporary sensibilities synonymous with tropical/resort wear.

Weaves of the Philippines

Home. Means. Life.
Manila FAME provides livelihood to hundreds of small and medium enterprises all over the country, their means for a better life.

OTOP Marketplace

Ethnic. Artisanal. Uniquely Filipino.
A showcase of carefully crafted and intricately designed products from various regions of the Philippines through the use of the contry’s abundant indigenous materials.

Craft Spots

Ingenious interpretations of form, function, and craftsmanship. A visual narration of transforming natural and sustainable materials through live demonstrations of traditional crafts by local artisans and craftsmen into a language that is relevant today.

Katha Awards

A Hallmark of Philippine Design Excellence.
An appreciation of Filipino craftsmanship and artisanship, the Katha Awards is considered as the most prestigious award in the Philippine design scene.

Design Week Philippines

Inspire. Celebrate. Nurture. Live. Connect.
Design Week Philippines is a platform that brings together people from different backgrounds and disciplines, with or without design and creative background, to a complete design experience.

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