Philippines Creative Industry
20 - 22 October 2017

Exhibition Hours:
09:00AM - 07:00PM

World Trade Center Metro Manila
Philippine Trade Training Center

Please note the following fees during the three (3) day Design and Lifestyle Event happening on Friday, 20 October 2017 to Sunday, 22 October 2017:

Day 1
Php700.00 WTC Main Hall, WTC Tent, PTTC and HALLONE Exhibit
                        (All Access)
* Php500.00 PWD / Senior Citizen (All Access)

Day 2 and 3
Php500.00 WTC Main Hall, WTC Tent, PTTC and HALLONE Exhibit
                        (All Access)
* Php400.00 PWD / Senior Citizen (All Access)
Php250.00 Private School Students (All Access)
* Free of Charge Public School Students (All Access)

Day 1, 2 and 3
Php250.00 Retail (WTC Tent, PTTC and HallONE Exhibit only)


Exhibition Perspective

Manila FAME: Materia: Bamboo

Manila FAME is a brand show.

Manila FAME features export brands, retail brands and designer brands all under one roof.

Manila FAME: Materia: Coconut

Manila FAME is a crafts show.

It is a go-to venue for small craft producers and makers that are unique, creative, functional, and current.

Manila FAME: Lucent Objects

Manila FAME is a designer show.

Manila FAME collaborates with product designers for crafts, home, fashion, holiday, gifts, food, and other lifestyle products.

Manila FAME: The Artisans Village

Manila FAME is a materials show.

Features the widest range of Philippine indigenous materials for home, fashion, holiday, architectural components, and interior design.