April 2018 Show Features

Design Commune: Patterns and Palettes

Continuing on the success of its maiden edition, Design Commune: Patterns and Palettes returns to present a curated display that highlights the infusion of mainstream design trends with Philippine aesthetics and materials.

More than 70 micro-, small-, and medium- enterprises will work with designers Tes Pasola, Detleft Klatt, Reine Shih, and Josef Crisanto under the thematic guidance of world-renowned designer Tony Gonzales to deliver a versatile collection of products that matches a variety of material requirements, techniques, and price points.

Design Commune will be framed in five themes inspired by the design trends of 2018: Ethnic Nomad Spring and Autumn, Neutral Metals, Neutral Blues, and Tints of Green.

  • Ethnic Nomad (Spring) features light and pastel colors that provide soft accents, twists, and splashes of color in a modern setting. The pieces take inspiration from a variety of ethnic cultures and patterns, ranging from South America to the Philippines.
  • Ethnic Nomad (Autumn) injects warm and homey tones to ethnic-inspired contemporary pieces. Taking influences from a number of global cultures, including Philippine tribes and distinct South American heritage, the products evoke a vibrant aura for any modern setting.
  • Neutral Metals continues on the neutral trend that emerged in 2017 and expanded it with metallic accents. The products are incorporated with gold, silver, and bronze as elegant highlights to create a collection of home décor and furniture that deliver a blend of earthy sophistication.
  • Neutral Blues is a timeless classic, present in the ceramics and crafts of old Asia and Europe. The theme will include a wide variety of products crafted after the theme’s palette that includes warm and cool-toned blues alike, an exploration of the color’s immense versatility.
  • Tints of Green gives a more subdued look into the green trend that has swept 2017 and the better half of 2018. Products under the theme takes on a cooler tone, shifting away from bright greens to deliver a more relaxing natural feel.

Artisans Village

A venue for masterfully made handcrafted pieces, Artisans Village provides local micro-, small-, and medium-enterprises with a platform to showcase their works to the international market. Crafts from regional partners will be put on display, showcasing the artistic capabilities and product selection of local artisans and communities.

GREAT Women Project 2

The Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women Project 2 celebrates Philippine women artisans and entrepreneurs by empowering and supporting them as they create their niche in the global scene.

In this edition, Design Center of the Philippines, in partnership with CITEM, provided product development and management mentoring to 30 women-led enterprises to deliver a collection of products ranging from intricately handwoven bags to handcrafted home decors.

The setting is beyond a showcase; it is a testament to the inherent passion of these women in developing products that are truly distinct and world-class.


A project of the Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters Plus (RIPPLES Plus) initiative will feature a selection of artisanal accent pieces and wearable products from its leading enrollees.

The program works towards increasing the number of internationally competitive local product and services exporters through strategic company-level activities, such as product development and capacity-building trainings.

Manila WEAR

From whimsical pieces to elegant apparels, Manila WEAR hosts a collective of the country’s fashion designers that continue to raise the bar with their innovative designs and unique material manipulations.

The brand aims to develop the country’s fashion industry to be globally competitive as it positions the Philippines as an advocate of ingenious designs that combine artisanal crafts with contemporary sensibilities.