Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • FAME+ is a new initiative for exhibitors, buyers and other stakeholders to assemble and do business online.
  • The platform will be a new venue for Manila FAME exhibitors to showcase their products online before a limitless audience.
  • The platform will enable buyers to find products and reach out to companies for business beyond the limits of the physical trade show.
  • FAME+ will allow companies and buyers to do business throughout the year, regardless of season.
  • The platform is designed to complement the Manila FAME physical trade show—and not replace it.
  • FAME+ is a fulfillment of the digitalization efforts that we introduced to our stakeholders last year to complement the trade event and harness technology in promoting Philippine exports.
  • This move is also in response to the current situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Current restrictions on travel and large gatherings along with social distancing measures required to avoid transmission of the virus mean we cannot stage the show in multiple venues as we have originally planned.
  • While we cannot meet our exhibitors, buyers and other stakeholders face to face, the business can still continue through our digital platform.
  • FAME+ will be launched on October 15, 2020.
  • Exhibitors can create a virtual showroom featuring their product line, respond to product inquiries, and connect with buyers.
  • Buyers can browse through product catalogs, connect with companies through messaging and conferencing features, and access exclusive content and events.
  • FAME+ will also be filled with content such as stories, forecasts, and industry news that will keep stakeholders abreast of the latest information and trends.
  • Registration is required for exhibitors and buyers before using the platform's business features.
  • Unlike a physical trade show that usually lasts for three days at a time,FAME+ will be opened for business 24x7 starting October. Users will be able to view the product catalogs and read/view exclusive content anytime.
  • FAME+ will publish content all year, as companies will also be able to update their collections online. A dedicated editorial team will continuously produce new material that promotes Filipino design and artisanship and discusses news and trends from around the world.
  • We are positive that circumstances will be better next year and will enable us to capacitate our physical events and our online platforms simultaneously.

Exhibitor Participation

  • Exhibitors can register within the platform. Click on this link for the step-by-step registration procedure.
  • Ready to register? Click on this link to join.

FAME+ is open to:

  • Previous Manila FAME exhibitors
  • Companies joining Manila FAME for the first time
  • Companies who have joined overseas trade shows on their own (outside of CITEM’s assistance)

Companies must meet the following requirements to pre-qualify as an exhibitor:

  • Must be a Philippine-based manufacturer
  • Must have a valid Mayor's Permit
  • Must have no outstanding payments due to CITEM

Other criteria and documents will be required from companies applying to become exhibitors during the registration process.

A screening process will be conducted based on these criteria:

  • Online presence
  • Export experience
  • Quality of available content (Company profile, photos, brand story, etc.)
  • Willingness to join the Product Development Program
  • BSO membership

Benefits and privileges include:

  • Digital exhibitor storefront exclusive to your company
  • Virtual trade fair with 24/7 optimal visibility
  • The experience of Manila FAME in the comfort of your office or home
  • One-on-one consultations with product development specialists
  • Services of an Account Officer
  • Meeting and conducting business with qualified buyers
  • Access to valuable insights and data through the platform's listening and monitoring features
  • Seamless communication with buyers and audiences through instant messaging, conference technologies, and more
  • Complimentary digital content production, which includes:

    For Brand Exhibitors:

    • Twenty-five (25) products for catalog photography (JPEG file at 300 dpi resolution) with product description
    • Ten (10) Lifestyle Photography (stylized shots with art direction) with product description
    • Company profile (300-400 words)
    • One (1) photo and 1-3 minute video of showroom/factory

    For OEM Exhibitors:

    • Twenty-five (25) products for catalog photography (JPEG file at 300 dpi resolution, five angles per product) with product description
    • Three (3) Lifestyle Photography (stylized shots with art direction) with product description
    • Company profile (300-400 words)

The complimentary digital content production will be made available to 100 exhibitors. Companies who have their own existing content assets may apply as exhibitors and use their content on the platform, subject to approval and curation.

FAME+ is free for its first run. The succeeding batches will be charged an annual subscription fee after the first free one-year subscription.

All interested applicants will need to re-apply for FAME+.

This benefit is limited to 100 exhibitors to ensure production quality and efficiency. If you have existing photos, videos or content, you are welcome to use them in our platform subject to CITEM's evaluation.

No need to apply again as we have the information on file already, except when required documents (e.g. Mayor's Permit) become invalid.

Currently, the platform only caters to individual participants. Group participation will be accommodated once the program is in place.

Group participation under the BSOs will be accommodated once the program is in place.

The four events will happen in the next edition of the physical Manila FAME show.

For its first batch, FAME+ is only accepting Philippine brands with locally manufactured products.

The Manila FAME team will actively promote the website in various international channels. The team will likewise coordinate with foreign agencies to introduce and boost our platform.

Selected companies/brands will be featured for one (1) year or 365 days in the platform.

You may email us at or you can get in touch directly with the Exhibitor Marketing and Services officers in the following sectors:

Sector Officer Email
Head of Exhibitor Team + BSO Point Person Marjo F. Evio
Fashion Jhasy Osias
Maria Annvie Faye Hall
Home Decor & Houseware / Furniture / Lamps & Lighting Katherine Dela Cruz
Estelle Louise Uy-Aliwalas
Gifts & Holiday Decor / Beauty & Wellness Denny Imson
Giussano Isaiah Jose Icaranom
Special / Group Participation Antonio Agulto
Vea Janika Santos


Any company owner and/or representative mainly classified as retailers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, wholesalers, buying offices, and contract market buyers such as interior designers, architects, contractors, real estate developers, and procurement officers for the hospitality industry with the intent to source for their home decor, furniture, lamps & lighting, fashion, festive decor, and gifts requirements are qualified to register.

You may sign up as a Trade Buyer by registering on FAME+. You will only be asked to register once. Once validated, you only need to log in with your email and password to access the site anytime.

Buyers who have previously visited and registered with the Manila FAME physical show will be sent their username and temporary password which they can use to log in to their account. They will also have an option to review and update their previous information.

Only the exhibitors whom you have interacted with (i.e. exchanged messages or requested meeting with) will be given the option to send you a request to view your profile.

  1. Even without the physical show, you will be able to access and browse catalogs of Philippine companies and brands 24/7. The number of participating companies and brands will increase over time. Each company and brand goes through a careful application process to make sure that only export-ready companies with quality products are featured on the site.
  2. You can directly contact the companies/brands, send your inquiries, and negotiate your price and quantity requirements.
  3. You will have access to exclusive creative content about Philippine home and fashion lifestyle industries that will be published regularly.
  1. Business-matching. Based on your profile and preferences, a list of suggested Philippine companies and brands will appear on your page to make sourcing more convenient and easier.
  2. Direct Messaging. You may send a direct message to your preferred company/brand for inquiries and proceed with your exchange using the platform via WhatsApp.
  3. Talk To Us. Can't find what you're looking for or have specific concerns that you want to share with the Manila FAME team? Talk to our buyer marketing representatives via WhatsApp.
  4. Virtual Meeting Request. You can request the exhibitor for a virtual meeting schedule via the Zoom calendar/ appointment feature in the website.

As it is not an e-commerce platform, you cannot place an order through FAME+. But there are options to request quotations and/or product catalogues or directly chat with the exhibitors using the platform, via WhatsApp.

Yes, there will be a select group of Premium Users. Previous Manila FAME VIBs will be reviewed and re-evaluated upon signing up on the platform. If you qualify, your account will be automatically upgraded to Premium User.

For new buyers, your accounts may be upgraded to Premium User based on your activity on the site. Those who will actively use the platform to source products will have higher chances of being upgraded.

As Premium User, you will have 24-hour advanced viewing access to new collections that exhibitors will upload on the platform.

You will have exclusive access to products and collections that the exhibitors will not release to the public.

You are also qualified to receive exclusive perks such as online discount vouchers, and rewards and services especially primed by the Manila FAME team for its valued buyers.

There is no payment for using the platform.

You will have to create an account as a Visitor to get access and get more detailed design inspirations and exclusive content from FAME+. You will also qualify to receive updates from your favorite brands straight to your inbox when you create an account as a visitor.

The Manila FAME physical trade show will return in 2021. Please stand by for further announcements.

FAME+ does not support the shipping of products. Once you create your account on the platform, you will have to discuss directly with the exhibitor your preferred shipping arrangement.

Product availability will depend on each company. Please make sure to check with your preferred exhibitor if they can facilitate shipment of items to your location.


FAME+ can be accessed by the general public and they can view the product catalogs. However, registration is needed in order to showcase products or contact the companies featured on the platform.

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