Here at Manila FAME, we are more than just a trade fair.

We make it a point that your sourcing experience is an all-inclusive, multi-sensory one that meets all your business needs in an exclusive environment of trust, respect, and integrity.

We would like to take you to a journey of discovery that celebrates Philippine craftsmanship at its best. We guarantee that each touch point, each connection you make at Manila FAME will make a difference.

Business-like yet personal.

We forge business connections in progressive terms – that is, business-savvy yet easy-going at the same time. Conversations at Manila FAME are always at a 'heart-level.'

Local yet global.

We always represent the unique style of our country with an understanding of how our one-of-a-kind style can create commercial opportunities in the markets we operate in.

Upbeat and trendy.

We showcase products and settings that are in keeping with modern trends to create better sales. We have an exciting lineup of 'trend-forward' and avant-garde items that will surely delight you.

Fresh and inspiring.

We want to take a fresh-thinking approach to product, presentation, and promotion. We always strive to provide you with a dose or two of commercial inspiration with our products, services, and events.

Thematic and visually stimulating.

We know that you buy more when you see a conceptual presentation of relevant and aligned products with inspiring back stories. We aim to please, so we always give you products with soulful stories to tell.

We have what you want — from products with a deeply rooted sense of craftsmanship to personalized buyer services that go a long way. Our choice exhibitors have what you are looking for all this time, and our well-trained buyer team is here to make things happen for you.

Whether your business requires big or small orders, we have it. We will make the necessary arrangements to accommodate your specific requests.

We promise that it's going to be a fun yet fruitful sourcing experience for you. We will wow you at each touch point.

Manila FAME: The Manila FAME Buyer Experience